Scott County Indiana History

Scott County Journal, Scottsburg, Indiana

April 10, 1918 Goshen News

Miss Grace Whitlatch, of Lexington, spent Sunday with Miss Lemira Scott.

Mrs. Frank Scott and Mrs. Fred Wilk visited Mrs. Frank Everitt at Scottsburg Wednesday afternoon.

Mt. Zion

E. T. Vest and family called on Dannie Blocher, of North Johnson, Thursday, afternoon.

Alva Fitch and wife of Seymour visited George Miller and wife Sunday and they motored

to Madison, Cragmont and Hanover in the latter’s auto.

Circuit Court News

Cordelia Stonehouse was granted a divorce from Adam E. Stonehouse and restored to her maiden name Cordela Smith.

Scott County Journal, Scottsburg, Indiana, Wednesday, November 3, 1937.

Transfers of Real Estate

Oscar McKinney to Jessie Wisehart, lot 429 Hazzard First Addition, Scottsburg.

J. Elmer Crum to Merril Bartle, lot 362 Terrels Addition, Scottsburg.

Jessie Wisehart to Pearl Stockdale, 429 Hazzards Addition, Scottsburg.

Harry O. McClelland to John D. Criswell, lot 762 Thomas Sub., Division, Scottsburg.

F. L. Densford to James E. Casey and wife, lots 22-23-24, 25 Longacres Addition to Scottsburg.

Hettie Eberts, et al, to Lee McHenry Tract 264 Clark’s Grant.

Daniel C. Ball Seriously Hurt

Struck by a car driven by Charles Gay, employee of the Scottsburg Bakery, while crossing First street from the sheriff’s residence to the Everitt grocery Saturday evening.  Daniel C. Ball suffered a broken hip, broken nose, three teeth knocked out and cuts and brusies about the head and face.  He was taken to the Napper hospital, where he is being treated.