Scott County Indiana History


The old Scott County Courthouse in Lexington was constructed in 1821 by Daniel P. Faulkner for $4,500.  It served the county until 1874 when the county seat had moved to Scottsburg.  The building was converted into a school house, which was finally torn down in 1889.  This picture was made in 1886 and was reproduced from the original photograph belonging to Will H. Smith and submitted by Henry Bonsett, a former teacher in Lexington Township from 1928 to 1931.

The building location where the present day school stands on the south side.

At this time, we do not know what the event was for all of the people present in the picture in 1886.  Appears to be in the winter months for the photographs and appears it is a little breezy.

The Lexington Branch Public Library was built to look like the original courthouse, but only one floor.

The Indiana Historical Society has appointed Stephanie Miller as the new Scott County Historian for 2019-2021. Scott County’s past Historian, Thelma Gilbert Hogue, retired effective December 31, 2018. To contact Stephanie, email or write Stephanie Miller, PO Box 13; Nabb, IN 47147-0013.